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Aug 4th, 2010  Aug 4th, 2010

Ram in the weeds

I captured this at Slamology 2010 about a month ago in Indianapolis, IN. The air brush work on this truck was amazing and you can tell the guy drove the truck often. Mad respect in my book.

Jul 5th, 2010  Jul 5th, 2010

Off to the lake

Heading off to Watts Bar Lake in a few days…
Tennessee - Watts Bar Lake (33)

Jun 17th, 2010  Jun 17th, 2010

Silly Mac.

The cooling fan in my MacBook Pro has finally died. $40 later and I have a replacement fan sitting on my desk. What a joke! Hopefully this install fixes my random shut downs and video artifacts…

Jun 15th, 2010  Jun 15th, 2010

Jun 15th, 2010  Jun 15th, 2010